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The Chiro Culture was created by us! The dynamic duo, husband and wife team, Dr. Pavin and Dr. Erin Rakhra. We have a combined passion for changing the way individuals view their health. We are focused on sharing a new health care model which emphasizes a proactive lifestyle.

We love educating our members about the importance of healthy living and sharing tools on how to thrive through this journey of life. We support a holistic approach on health and healing which views the body as a whole.


We are here to serve you and work towards your goals. If you are looking for a place to be heard, respected, and appreciated; you have come to the right place.

The Chiro Culture - Pregnancy Chiropratic East Vancouver
Dr. Pavin Rakhra East Vancouver Chiropractor
Dr. Erin Rakhra pregnancy and pediatric chiropractor

Dr. Pavin Rakhra 

Dr. Erin Rakhra

Elise ​

Office Assistant 

Elise is our scheduling and billing wizard! She is what the kids call a sticker queen. Elise is here to get you booked in when you need it most.


When she's not in the office, Elise can be found zipping around the neighbourhood on her bike, sipping tea with friends, or enjoying a local yoga class. 

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